About Kelly Tassi

About Kelly Tassi

Hello! I am Kelly and I am a BANT registered nutritional therapist based in London, UK.

I work alongside your medical doctors and practice the principles of Functional Medicine to help busy professional to overcome their health challenges and reach optimal health.

After years of studying and working in the finance industry, my personal health issues were the drive to me retraining as a nutritional therapist and specialising in gut and metabolic health.  I have experience in conditions that include but are not limited to IBS, SIBO, GORD, Hypothyroidism, Insulin Resistance, Hyperlipaemia and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.


With a background in business and hospitality, I thrive on interpreting your needs and goals and I offer attainable step-by-step personalised plans while looking for the root causes of your health concerns.


If you are experiencing symptoms such as constant fatigue, dizzy spells, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, acne, mood swings, hair loss and you are unable to shed the unwanted extra weight I can help you to identify the root causes and work on restoring balance and health in a sustainable way which will allow for long term results.

Book a free discovery call to discuss your health goals and the best way that I can help you achieve them.