Workplace wellness

Workplace wellness

Having worked for more than a decade in the two of the most demanding and fast paced industries, finance and hospitality, I have experienced first-hand how poor diet and lifestyle choices can negatively impact productivity, reduce performance at work and ultimately lead to an increase in sick days. 

I offer tailored programmes to businesses that are looking to improve the wellbeing of their employees and teams in Central and Greater London.

These programmes include

  • 1-to-1 consultations in-person at offices
  • Group consultations/ seminars – topics include
    • Burnout – what is it and how to avoid it
    • Eating for Energy – pre and post lunch
    • Nutrition and lifestyle for the Immune System
    • Nutrition and lifestyle for Stress and Sleep
  • Workshops
    • Virtual Cooking Classes (partnering with Michelin experienced chefs)
    • Weekly food planner and prep 

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