Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Have you ever developed symptoms of fatigue, abdominal and extra intestinal pain and had some tests done, only for your doctor to tell you that all tests are fine or normal?

Functional Medicine is based on identification of health not merely the absence of disease. 

Functional Testing based on that principle includes markers and reference ranges that do not only address acute, advanced illnesses that have already manifested themselves. As the graphic shows functional testing identifies biochemical imbalances that although do not cause any pathological symptoms (as “everything is within the normal range”) – they reveal physiological precursors that lead to chronic conditions / degenerative diseases and causes that may lead to suboptimal health. Essentially, functional testing takes into account, diet, stress, and lifestyle and identifies imbalances in order to prevent severe symptoms from happening in the first place. 

Functional tests are optional but I use them as part of my diverse toolkit as they allow me to dig deeper when I look at the root cause of your symptoms. I only advise on the most appropriate and comprehensive tests based on your presenting signs and symptoms as well as your health goals.

I partner with a range of reputable laboratories in the UK, Europe and worldwide to ensure that my clients have access to the best and most reliable testing available. These include Genova Diagnostics, Nordic, Invivo Diagnostics, Regenerus Laboratories and The Doctors Laboratory. 

Indicatively, the below list includes some of the tests that I often use in the clinic to uncover imbalances that can induce gut and metabolic symptoms:  

  • Comprehensive Stool tests (GI360, GI Map, GI effects Comprehensive)
  • SIBO (Lactulose & Glucose) and Hydrogen Tests
  • Intestinal Permeability and Absorption (IPA)
  • Adrenal Function Profile with Cortisol Awakening Response
  • CardioMetabolic Profiles (Insulin, hsCRP, HbA1c, TG, CH, LDL)
  • DUTCH hormonal test
  • Metabolomic Profile Tests (Metabolomix, NutrEval FMV) 
  • Sleep Balance Profile
  • Functional Thyroid Tests (with Iodine, FT3, FT4)
  • DNA testing (eg DNA Health, DNA resilience etc) 

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